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A gentle yet powerful method of clearing, charging and balancing your energy field. An Energy Healing can break through energy blocks that limit your full expression and enjoyment of life, thereby enhancing the quality of the experience of your life profoundly.

What to expect from a healing with Kathleen:
Kathleen D’Orsi is a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner. She is skilled in assessing and facilitating a change in the state of the Human Energy-Consciousness System. So what does this mean to you? It means you will be receiving a healing based on Science, Physiology and Anatomy, Spirituality and the Energy around and in your body. What does a healing look like?

The session begins with a short interview about your Intention for this healing. You will remain fully clothed, remove your shoes and be asked to lay face up on a comfortable table. Kathleen will ask permission to gently touch your body starting at your feet. She will work up the body, providing an overall increase of energy and balance to your field. She will then move to specific areas of the body that require additional work, providing further clearing, strengthening, balancing, repair and restructuring. Of note, Kathleen regulates her own body energy field during a session because it acts as a transformer during the healing session. This regulation is important for the releasing that will happen for you.

The healing lasts 60-90 minutes. Most people report feeling very relaxed after a session, and they may even need to sleep for a few hours. For some, the healing can feel very subtle, just gently calming and relaxing. For others, the experience may feel profound and intense, through generally, for most it is a pleasant experience.

ow many sessions will I need? The number of sessions required in order for results to be demonstrated depends upon a variety of factors including whether your issue is acute or chronic, emotional or physical, and other treatment and care you are receiving. Whether you are coming to a session for support in changing your life, physical healing, psycho-spiritual growth, or to improve your general state of well-being, each person has the opportunity to be supported in their healing process, while discovering more about themselves, their relationship to health and dis-ease and their relationship to others.

Kathleen says, “This Energy Consciousness Healing work is a gentle yet profound healing modality, based on Science, where clients often experience their work with a Healer as life changing!” Are you ready? Energy Healing can help you become who you were born to be, so that you can create the loving relationships you desire and the fulfilled life you deserve.

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